Statement of Intent for Art


At Canon Popham C of E Primary Academy we are committed to providing every child with a strong Arts curriculum. This follows a clear disciplinary and substantive knowledge progression which feeds into a spiral curriculum. We feel this contributes to helping our children develop themselves as unique individuals, improve their resilience and perseverance to achieve their goals and securing positive attitudes to learning across the curriculum.


As a school and in accordance with the National Curriculums expectations, we aim to ensure that all pupil:

  • Produce creative work

  • Explore their own ideas

  • Record their experiences

  • Become proficient at drawing, painting and sculpting

  • Evaluate and analyse creative works using subject specific vocabulary

  • Know about great artists, craft makers and designers

  • Understand historical and cultural developments of art forms

  • Children in KS2 will use sketchbooks to develop the skills and ideas

  • Go on educational visits.

The class teachers are responsible for the teaching of art and design technology, although there will be times when we use outside sources, such as the local secondary school, to help enrich our Art and Design provision.


Our children are always keen to learn new skills and work hard to improve those shown to them. The children’s art is very cross-curricular, and helps them to express themselves, as well as show their knowledge of history, geography and science. Art in school regularly reflects major national and international events such as The Diamond Jubilee and the centenary celebrations of Armistice Day. Through art and design the children have been able to reach out to the community and involve them in a large scale art installation. They children’s artwork is also regularly displayed in the local church.

 Year 4's trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park