Statement of Intent for Computing


At Canon Popham Primary Academy we aim to prepare children for the ever changing technological society. We aim to achieve this through allowing children to explore the depth of computing using a wide range of technology and software in their learning. Within this, children will be exposed to the language of technology and gain a fluent understanding of the language used. Furthermore, we understand the importance of computing disciplinary knowledge at Canon Popham. Because of this, we strive for all pupils to grow into confident, creative and independent learners in computing and provide them with learning opportunities to prepare for the modern world. In addition, Canon Popham recognises that technology can be used in a range of ways to promote an inclusive environment for pupils within the classroom. Also, keeping our children safe online is a major segment of our computing learning. We aim to accomplish this by helping them connect with others responsibly and are competent, confident and creative users of many different sources while online. All of the above will be delivered in a way which will develop out learners into unique individuals while working alongside the national curriculum to help children become the greatest learner they can be.


At Canon Popham, computing is taught in discreet lessons. The computing curriculum is delivered through using Kapow’s scheme of learning. Lessons in this scheme are inline with the accessibility we have in school so that we can meet the needs of all of our pupils. This scheme of learning links closely with the National Curriculum targets to make sure that children progress. Teaching computing in discreet lessons means that children are able to develop depth in their disciplinary knowledge and substantive knowledge during each of their computing topics. Although, where possible, meaningful links will be made between other areas of the curriculum. In these computing lessons, children will used iPads, laptops or will work unplugged. Furthermore, within discreet lessons children will be looking at the three different areas of the computing curriculum: information technology, digital literacy and computer science.

Internet safety – Children throughout school will be taught about the use of the internet and the disciplinary knowledge in which they will need to use it safely. Furthermore, students will recognise the different platforms that require them to be online (e.g online gaming/social media) and what they need to know to be safe. Also, being a Christian school, children will be shown the importance of fulfilling the Christian values while online.


Children will leave Canon Popham with the disciplinary knowledge and substantive knowledge to use technology in a safe, effective and productive way. Children will understand the importance of technology in the current world and can apply their learning in everyday situations. Furthermore, children will leave with confidence and enjoyment when using technology and will have the curiosity to challenge themselves when faced with computing activities.