At Canon Popham C of E Primary Academy our History curriculum is designed to fulfil the National Curriculum requirements through a broad and balanced approach, ensuring both progression of Historical disciplinary and substantive knowledge as well as providing pupils with memorable experiences.  As a Church of England school our strong Christian values also thread through our History curriculum.

Statement of Intent for History


Our History curriculum is presented through a combination of disciplinary and substantive knowledge and provides children with rich, diverse learning opportunities.  Through high quality teaching we foster a curiosity in pupils about Britain’s past and that of the wider world. The aim of our History teaching is to equip children with the knowledge of Britain’s past, how it’s people have influenced our nation and how Britain has influenced the wider world, as well as understand the significance of the history of the wider word including ancient civilisations. They will found out about changes within and beyond living memory, as well as the lives of significant historical figures. Children will also be taught the disciplinary knowledge related to historical enquiry including asking and answering questions, analysing trends and historical evidence.


At Canon Popham C of E Primary Academy, History is taught through a cross-curricular approach, with four topics of approximately 8 weeks, taught during the academic year.  Topics are year group specific with teachers leading the learning at the start of the theme, ensuring pupils have a strong grasp of key Historical disciplinary and substantive knowledge.  We also place an importance on the development of children’s Historical vocabulary ensuring children are able to confidently articulate their learning and understanding of key Historical concepts.  Within our History lessons we use high-quality questioning based on Blooms Taxonomy and also provide opportunities for children to apply metacognition and memory retrieval skills. Pupils are expected to present their learning at the end of the topic in a range of ways applying disciplinary knowledge from other curriculum areas.  When presenting their Historical substantive knowledge and applying their disciplinary knowledge pupils are encouraged to work either individually or collaboratively.


The impact and measure of the History curriculum at Canon Popham C of E Primary Academy is to ensure that our pupils are equipped with relevant Historical disciplinary and substantive knowledge necessary to prepare them for the next stage in their academic development and to engage fully and effectively in society.