The intent, implementation and impact of our PSHE curriculum


At Canon Popham Primary Academy, personal, social and health education (PSHE), which incorporates relationships and health education enables our children to develop the substantive and disciplinary knowledge and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy, safe and prepared for life in modern Britain.  We deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all where children learn how to develop personal attributes which link closely to our Christian ethos across 3 main themes, Relationships, Living in the Wider World & Health and Wellbeing. Our children are provided with the life skills which will allow them to learn about themselves and act morally to real life situations. Their breadth of social and cultural knowledge gives them the confidence to overcome and manage areas of their personal life and act reasonably and responsibly. We encourage our children to seek help where appropriate in order to maintain a mentally healthy school. Children are encouraged to develop their self-worth by contributing to our Christian school life and wider community. We encourage our children, through the curriculum, to learn to be their best. We provide children with the substantive and disciplinary knowledge to understand their own and others emotions, how to process and act upon these, and how to self regulate. By exploring subject specific vocabulary and using these in context, our children are prepared for life beyond our school, including exposure to economic education and having an understanding of money.


In ensuring high standards of teaching and learning in PSHE, our children receive progressive substantive and disciplinary knowledge through each year group. PSHE is taught weekly at Canon Popham with the statutory content of RSHE outlined in each year groups medium-term plan and followed carefully by teaching staff ensuring full coverage of the spiral curriculum. The development of British values is a whole school focus which is strongly linked to our Christian values and ethos. We use quality assured outside agencies and professionals to cover core learning areas for individual year groups and across key stages as well as lesson plan coverage from the Sheffield ILS E-Learning Service, provided to schools in South Yorkshire. Where appropriate, we celebrate national events which lead to learning opportunities for our children including Anti-bullying week and Children’s Mental Health Week and Safer Internet Day, where the whole school are involved in this learning.


The impact of a progressive teaching approach to PSHE, covering statutory and non-statutory elements ensures children at Canon Popham have the substantive and disciplinary knowledge to prepare them for life beyond our school. We want children to be safe and equipped for life beyond primary school and be able to use what they have learnt and apply this to their personal life and their future. We want children to have ownership of their learning and realise the value of PSHE in the wider world.

Parent Consultation – Relationships & Health Education